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Playformance was founded by Kevin Nichols and Anna McCallister-Nichols in honor of and with the needs of their children, Jolene and Cecilia, in mind and heart. We are committed to the highest quality play experiences for ALL people. As a team, we have created a play based curriculum to help people feel successful and connected through self selected challenge. Playformance serves the whole person and supports our students as they develop the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social skills needed for a unified community.

In business since August, '12
Amanda Drenzek

Anna McCallister-Nichols

Austin Malak

Avery Bennon

Cole Lanning

Grace Ryan

Jakelynn Wert

Jazmin Casillas

Katie Kurtin

Kevin Nichols

Founder and head coach of Playformance, Kevin has been teaching for 20 years. A certified elementary school and PE teacher, he is dedicated to connecting children through play.

Lorcan McSharp

Maia Wilenius

Matthew Hillin

Simon In-Albon

Playformance | Tucson